28 September 2014

When I first started writing this blog, I didn't know anyone else who wrote one. I merely felt the need to record some of my feelings about living in France as an English expat.  Now, 6 years later, it reads like an encyclopaedia of things that went wrong and what we did about them, albeit with Him indoors' unique comments!  I sometimes forget that other people are reading them and am quite shocked when I receive feedback - often from different parts of the world.  On Thursday I heard from an English lady called Amy who said they were house-sitting in France, didn't speak a word of French but had read my blog and found the bit they needed, and could I help them find a chimney sweep? Was only too happy to oblige.  Where we used to live in Tarn et Garonne lives a lady called Val who really helped us when we first arrived. She has a successful blog called tag-on-line.blogspot.fr . She acts as a marvellous link for all who live in the area, giving news of social events and much else, giving any proceeds to charity.  So, for whatever reason you write a blog, it's a great FREE resource. Of course, Him indoors says that's no way to run a business - but he would, wouldn't he?

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