7th July 2013

A week of the unexpected.  First, who'd have thought that a French girl, Marion Bartoli, would win at Wimbledon, against all those grunting, hard-hitting Americans and East Europeans? Second, at home in Gaillac I too am exhausted from nearly 3 weeks of entertaining and trips to the vet.  I'm happy to report that our Springer spaniel, Tina, is improving daily. No more blood, she is eating well and wagging her tail. The surprising thing is that the vet has finally diagnosed a rotten tooth - so, not the neighbours then!  He thinks it caused septicaemia which pervaded her whole body. She nearly died, but her prognosis now looks good. Third:  we took our friends to the local Chateau du Mauriac, famed for its 13C architecture and fittings. But, it wasn't this that took us back. The current owner is an artist with his work displayed on every wall. I was shocked. I know...I've led a sheltered life...but the paintings weren't of 'tasteful' nude women, but of men in various stages...!   There was even one positioned above the ancient marital bed. So, as the guide studiously avoided these whilst telling of the castle's history, all the onlookers were looking goggle-eyed at the walls. Him indoors said: Not quite shuttlecock then. Game, Set and Match. Quite.

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