7th April 2013

The French still look miserable.  It's not just the weather either. The dreaded annual 'declaration des revenues' is at hand. If you're brave enough to declare by internet, the date looming is the 19th.  It's not just the man in the street either. Just look at the government - running scared already. The French Minister whose brief was 'to prevent tax evasion' has been found out himself. Yes, M. Cahuzac had his own fraudulent Swiss bank account.  And even President Hollande, for all his tongue-lashing at his colleague, is no knight in shining armour.  Despite his advocating marriage for all, why do you think he's never married his live-in girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler?  Could it be because, as she is from a family of bankers, if she married him they would be liable for a great deal of ISF wealth tax at 75%? Hollande is even being sued by a M. Kemlin for allowing his 'mistress' to enjoy tax-funded accommodation, food, staff and chauffeurs at the Elysee Palace - illegal because she is not married to him. Even rich celebrities like Depardieu, Maradona and Madonna have been frightened away from living in France. Some would say good!
Him indoors has always said the world's bent. Everyone's out for themselves, politicians especially, and anything's possible as long as you don't get found out.

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