27th January 2013

Message to all British expats in France:  be very afraid.  The thing that we all feared has come to pass. a threatened in:out referendum on Europe.
O.K. Let's think what would happen if the man in the street votes to pull Britain out of the EU - and he might. Here's a quick list: All rights accorded to us under EU law would stop. The 4 freedoms of movement of people, goods, services and capital would stop. No longer would we be EU citizens – passports would have to be changed. We'd all  need Carte-de-Séjours and these demand a minimum level of income. No British citizen would have the automatic right to live in France. Those with little capital could be asked to leave. All the 500,000 British Pensioners here would be most severely affected. Medical subsidy support would cease - no carte vitale. We would no longer have the vote for local commune councils, nor the right to be a local councillor. Cross border trade would be affected. Goods from abroad would revert to pre-1973 practice.  The purchase of goods on the internet (such a boon) could be taxed and subject to import duties. The current relaxation of inheritance laws for EU Citizens (although confused) would not operate for the British citizen.
And remember: at one time the French imposed taxes on the import of money. I foresee a mass re-migration back to Blighty - over a million if you include those in Spain. And, that's if we all manage to sell our houses. But, many won't have enough to get back onto the English property market. 
For me and Him indoors, maybe something radical needs to be done.....

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