13th May 2012

So, from today France officially has a new President.  Is this a new trend - state leaders taking their names from another country? Or is he making his own wry statement:  France woz Holland??  All week on the French news, I've been wondering:  do we ellide the s at the end of Francois onto the aspirate H of his surname - Franzwozollande or Franzwah Ollande?
Looking at the man, himself, though is a different matter.  How can a man who feels it's acceptable to father 4 children without being responsible enough to marry their mother take on the much greater responsibility of leading a country?  Will he leave France in the lurch, too, as soon as it becomes expedient for him to do so?  He certainly faces far greater problems than simply 'shall I or shan't I'.  Fellow EU country Greece is suffering long lines of previously working people, waiting patiently for food parcels - like a third-world country.  Hollande thinks he can solve this for France by simply dismissing all ideas of austerity and living within his country's means by taking on huge loans to feed people's immediate needs. Without a care for tomorrow. So the economic circle turns.
Him indoors says the man's got chutzpah, or rather what he calls Hollandaise Sauce!

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