23 October 2011

Canny those Chinese. In a week of Greek strikes and anti-capitalist rallies, there was little Jin Qin. The solution, said Jin, Chairman of China's sovereign wealth fund, is for Europeans to work harder and for longer, rather than being cushioned by the welfare system. "The root cause is the overburdened welfare system built up since WW2 in Europe: sloth-inducing, indolence-inducing labour laws," Jin told Channel 4 News. The average Chinese working week is nearly 48 hours. "We work like crazy," said Jin.  Trust the Chinese to hit the nail on the head.
And what's happening back home? In the UK everyone's arguing for a referendum to get out of the EU. My father used to say if the UK joins Europe fully, then Hitler would have won. But the world's changed. No Empire; we can't go it alone any longer. I never thought I'd say it, but I rather like Angela Merkel. She eschews facelifts and US-style power-dressing, sticking to her own quiet style of pastel jackets and black trousers - perfect for concentrating on the essentials: the terrifying financial burdens facing us all.
And the message from English expats to the UK? Please don't vote to leave the EU. Bereft of our link to health care, we'd all have to come home again, swelling even further a UK population bursting at the seams. Him indoors says we should all follow China's lead, but not like Mr. Yu - when asked what to call him, he said anything but A!  

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