31 July 2011

Would you believe it - our second speeding ticket!  Are we boy racers then, preferring to travel at whatever speed we choose, oblivious to the danger to others?  Or, is it the recent decision by Sarkozy to remove warning signs about radar traps?  No, none of these of course.  We just weren't sure of the prevailing speed limit.There's one particular point where the A62 gives way to the A620, and the speed limit drops without much signage. Doesn't the government just love the confusion this causes, rubbing their hands with glee:  yet more revenue for their coffers.  My solution, in all countries, would be for the central road line, currently painted white everywhere, to reflect the prevailing speed limit, e.g. painted say orange for 30 kmh, blue for 50 kmh, white for 110/130 kmh on motorways, etc. This way, at any point on the road, you just need to look down at the road.  But, governments wouldn't like this of course.  They prefer to class all aberrants as 'criminals' who deliberately choose to break the law. In the meantime, nothing for it but to pay the 55 euro fine (to delay or foolishly contest it, costs 180 euros), collect a few moe points on our French licence, and incur more hoots from following lorry drivers on how slow we're driving in future!

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