19 June 2011

Thought you might like to see our new home - taken last winter. Lots of refurb needed, but it has a certain faded charm - a bit like me really, some would say! This last week I've struggled to make various utility people understand we'd rather like some electricity and water. Same old irritation with centralised phone systems - trying with my best French to make someone based in the wilds of Martinique understand. That, combined with the dratted 'if you want this, press 1....'. Grrr!
Sunny day yesterday so we strolled down our long garden to the little abri (shed) at the bottom, only to discover a deluge of water pouring out of an open pipe within. Great lakes soaking into both our land and our new neighbour's! Him indoors says the plumber looked like Monsieur Poireau...... (French for leek). Oh well, It all makes work for the working man to do....

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