8 May 2011

It may be VE day here, but for me stress abounds. What is it they say? Don't move house, don't suffer bereavement, don't move abroad and don't get old. Enough said.
So, I was interested to read that French women are the longest-lived in Europe. It seems that if I drink more water, take more olive oil, eat broccoli and dark chocolate (anti-depressant), walk more and climb stairs it will help. Age simply creeps up on you. Once that social status of working and living in your 'home' country has disappeared and your own declining physical image shouts back from every mirror and camera, what's to be done? Here's what. Get involved with other people in your new surroundings, 'be nice' and they will reciprocate. And, realise that it's only now you have the opportunity to do all those things you couldn't do when you were younger.
It may be VE day in France, but as I can't bring back family members who've passed on and I can't stop the progress of time, as I approach moving house in France I can at least take note of all the above things which would be an amazing personal victory for me.

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