31st January 2011

At last! Light at the end of the tunnel: hope it's not an approaching train.
Recommendations for English house-hunters in France:
1. When negotiating an offer, do not list its weak points in order to justify a lower offer. The seller takes it personally.
2. Don't suggest a discount because the bath is in avocado. The owner will counter that it's perfect, get upset and refuse to sell to you. Instead, say 'I think the house may be too dear, especially in today's market'.
3. If you're retired, look at property outside the main employment areas. Young French workers rarely want to live more than 30 km from work; (they hate commuting.)
4. Watch the French news. Sarkozy is proposing CGT of 33.1% on the sale of main residences! Decision due this month. Unlikely to be brought in, but.... Meantime, this is certainly the case when you sell a second home, so if you're in this position tread warily on which home you designate as your principal residence.
And Him indoors? Good idea to sell to that buyer called Mr. Balan Singh - he can do your accounts for you......

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