12th September 2010

So, French workers are 'revolting' again! On 7 Sep as many as 200,000 took to the streets in Paris, 110,000 in Toulouse. And what's it all about this time? Sarkozy has suggested moving the retirement age from 60 to 62 in 2018. This doesn't even include workers from the French utility companies like my neighbour, who was able to retire at 50 with a handsome pension.
Remember England in the 1970s? Whenever there's unrest, there's a union representative. This time it's not Arthur Scargill but a Frenchman called Francois Chereque. He's so overjoyed he's called another day of action on 23 Sep. In response, the Employment Minister Eric Woerth has introduced some concessions for those whose jobs have left them unable to raise their arms above elbow level. Cue thousands of doctors' notes to that effect.
I'm very glad of my English state pension, earned after working all my adult life, but it's nothing like the amount the French receive and I didn't get it at 50 either. What's up with the French? Don't they realise we are all living longer than when pensions were first introduced?
Oh well, cue 23 Sep: barricade the doors. The French are indeed revolting again.

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