25th July 2010

For some time, the French government has promised easy ASDL connection for all. But, take this with a pinch of salt. For those who do manage to get onto the internet, when they look on French websites like Costorama, what do they see? Lots of colour, glory, techno language and opening hours, but hardly any hard facts to aid the consumer like what their goods actually cost.
Many are the expats who bought large properties in rural areas several years ago who now find that because their village hasn't got Wifi and is unlikely to get it anytime soon, there is real depreciation of their property value. Apparently they should buy expensive satellite connections, and..er no..there are no grants available towards the cost. Many of the special offers from companies like Orange for bulk packages including TV and phone are useless to those without fast connections, and they can't get the free TV either.
Ironically enough, there is one French company that has a wonderful website, full of facts and ease of access to consumers. Its name? You guessed it, the French tax office! But for the rest of the WiFi-free rural zone inhabitants, the internet is as elusive as before. Nothing moves fast in France - ask the poor old snail, and you know what happens to him: he gets taken with a pinch of salt and covered in sauce. C'est la France.

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