13th June 2010

World Cup fever. Painted faces, tribalism, everyone obsessed in trying to beat the other team in the name of 'nationality'. In 1969 Karl Deutsch said that a nation is '..a group of persons united by a comon error about their ancestry and a common dislike of their neighbors..' Very true.
But for expats everywhere, there's a feeling of identity crisis in all this. Indeed, the other night even the weather joined in. A local thunderstorm wiped out our Sky transmissions and we were 'forced' to watch the terrestrial match between France and Uruguay! Quite enjoyed it actually. There's something about the 'ugliness' of Ribery that seems to match that of Rooney, dare I say it, but they're both very good players.
But then came last night's England v USA match. I don't mind if we don't win due to honest endeavour, but that fumbled, inept, shambolic goalie error.....Words fail me.
So, from my own actions last night in nearly kicking in the TV screen, it's clear that I still feel English in thought and deed. And, what happens when England play France? It's clear I should be committed to integrating fully in our new country. So, who will I support? What do you think? Courtesy of Rupert Brook..There is some corner of a foreign field that is forever England....Come on England!

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