14th March 2010

It's mothers' day or mother's day if you want to be more personal. I was thinking how different life is today to that of my own late mother. There have been more changes in the last 50 year period than any other. I think back to worktime faxes, Apple Macs, then PCs and email. For those then in their 40's like me, we were too young to retire so we just had to learn how to use it all. One older secretary back then tried to use Tippex on the PC screen. Fortunately, she was able to retire before any more damage was done.
Now retired in France, I am so glad that I was forced to learn the new technology. Living miles from anywhere, it's a real boon to be able to do my banking, buy online and contact family on the other side of the world. The French papers say that more and more younger expats are arriving here: not to work in traditional ways (due to lack of language skills), but to work online. One said: 'Thanks to my broadband link I am happily straddling the sedate French rural life and the high-tech fast lane'. I do hope though that these younger expats still learn French. Even if you don't need it to work, it's essential to integrate with the locals. What must not happen is lots of English cliques. Let technology be the route for more understanding, not yet another difference to cause riots.
And Him indoors? When in the shop, he would look at the computer and ask 'Which button do I press to find out who's pinching the stock?' Some things never change.

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