13th December 2009

There was a survey that showed that 45 million people worldwide would like to move permanently to France and start a new life here. Apparently France came joint second, above the US. Imagine! There are probably many reasons why people are fed-up with their lives at present, wherever they live. But for me, my favoured place must contain the following ideals:
A community that shows respect for each other, for people in authority and for those older than themselves. A place where families, rather than the State, take on the responsibility for looking after their own families, especially the older members. In this ideal scenario, there would be many knock-on effects. Taxes would be less, because the State would no longer be expected to pick up the tab on just about everything. There would be fewer hooligans on the streets because the families and society would take on the old idea of teaching their young respect for others. The police would therefore be able to target their resources on major crimes. Our hospitals and care homes would be freed-up to cater for those in real need, rather than those for whom no-one in the family was prepared to help out at times of crisis. Schools could go back to the old idea of teaching Eng, Maths, Biol, History and Geog, rather than crowd-control.
I have a dream, brothers and sisters...
But in the meantime, France rural life will do for me.

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