30th August 2009

I've always hated guns. I just don't understand why anyone would want to take someone's or something's life away. And to those who belong to 'responsible' shooting clubs and ask why they should be denied such enjoyment, I would ask if people should be allowed to use atomic bombs for bowling practice - after all, they're responsible people and they enjoy it, so why not?? And, for protection? If there were no guns, then no-one would need protecting from one. Man is a temperamental beast and inevitably, when he is angered, he may well reach for the nearest weapon. It's a vicious circle. Be like a woman: no-one ever got killed from a rolling-pin!
So, I dread the start of the hunting season in France, which runs from Sep - Mar each year. The hunters make up their own rules, especially when the land borders two departements with different rules. No self-respecting dog-owner can even think of walking in the woods at this time for fear of being shot! The hunters themselves are required to wear fluorescent jackets, but what about everyone else? I was pleased to see that wildlife preservation group Aspas has called for more controls to be put on the sport and has described the lack of a single nationwide set of rules as 'scandalous'.
But, if you're unfortunate enough to own property within 150m of 'hunting' land, beware! It's no good saying 'I told you so' after you've been well and truly shot. Whether it's an accident or not, you're still dead!

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