15th December 2008

On a day when heavy snow has cut power to 100,000 homes in several areas of central and southern France, I looked with trepidation outside our window this morning. Good! No snow. I know it looks pretty, but having already broken one bone this year..... And I understand that the 6 - 24" that has already fallen has snarled transportation and cut power for tens of thousands of people in the particularly hilly regions like Lozere, with some in nearby Aveyron also losing their telephone service. Whilst a total of nine French departments are currently on weather alert, with some snow forecast for our region, we'll wait and see. I see that those in New England have suffered a severe ice-storm - now there's a region that knows something about snow! They could certainly teach the UK a thing or two.
In the meantime, our new double-glazing is doing well. No condensation anywhere. Hurray! The temperatures aren't too bad here. In fact, we still only have our expensive gas heating on for two hours in the morning and from 4.00 in the evening. In the middle of the day, when it's particularly cold, we light our wood-burning stove. But at least we haven't been taken in by the latest heat pump sale scam, like some residents here. An English woman in the Herault found to her horror that what she thought was merely an estimate (un devis) was actually a contract for over 45000 euros. It's difficult enough to avoid being conned in your own language......We've been warned.
Yes, I know. It's time for Him indoors to go to the forest and collect some more twigs and logs. At least that's something we understand.

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