1st November 2008

I see that even Joan Collins has taken on board the latest craze - downsizing her food bill by shopping at her local Target lo-cost shop in West Hollywood, CA. before loading up her RR outside! Le 'spending power' is the new buzz word in France too. There's a TV show over here called Combien ca coute? (How much does that cost?) on TF1 on Saturdays. So, it looks as if everyone's at it. But me? No. Not with food. As a pensioner I've learned a bit over the years. Life is precious, and our bodies are our lives. I can't understand why people think nothing of spending thousands on material goods but then stuffing their faces with cheap fast (rubbish) food. The quality of the 'fuel' which drives our bodies means that our bodies (i.e. our lives) will last that bit longer. The French have traditionally always understood this, so I hope the new trend doesn't catch on. You see them eating out at quality restaurants before returning to their meagre little apartments in their clapped-out old cars. Correct. Does Joan Collins run her expensive car on cooking oil? I don't think so. Yet, she is apparently now content to run her own body/life on cheap 'fuel'. Where's the sense in that? You can always buy a new car/house, but not a new life. Once your body's gone, everything's gone. So, buy fresh veg, avoid frozen, and cook nutritious meals at home. Re-arrange your time and money, give less emphasis to material goods, and give greater emphasis to the things that really matter: making you live longer and healthier.
Vive le bien manger!

P.S. New serial tomorrow.

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