3rd April 2016

The media has been slow to report on British expat anxiety. You have to wonder at the PM's commitment to staying in the EU when he has done little to facilitate the promised end of 'no votes for nationals outside the UK for 15+ years'. Of the 13 million UK people with state pensions, a full 10% live abroad - most of whom would vote In if they were given a vote. The build up to the June referendum is having a huge impact on currency markets too. The pound has fallen to its lowest in more than a year against the euro. It's social media that's reflecting the panic the most. There's a closed group cataloguing the miseries of those wanting to go back to the UK. Such high hopes when they first set out, enjoying the sunshine and retirement, then petit a petit - usually after 10 years - the dawning realisation that 'real' life had been put on hold and it was time to go home. Will everyone sell in time to benefit from the current 1.24 euros:pound exchange rate? Or, in the event of a June Brexit, will they suffer frozen pensions and no state health care? Current poll of polls: In: 44%, Out: 42%. Too close to call. No nails left here.

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