24th April 2016

Some think that yesterday should be renamed Shakespeare Day in honour of his birthday and renown. Fame is a wonderful thing, earned or not.  Did you see Obama's speech on TV?  No-one can deny he has great charm and charisma. If you've to make a speech, you could do worse than copy this man's style:  slow, measured speech, with intermittent pauses for effect. Any friend of Churchill's is a friend of mine. And certainly he was able to show how wrong an Out vote would be in the June referendum, especially for future trade agreements with the US. Trouble is, globally, people are disappointed with him. When inaugurated, such high hopes for world peace. But, seemingly, he's been too weighed down with domestic policies to make the dream possible. And then I read that here in France Mme Le Pen is planning a trip to the UK to canvass for an Out vote. Don't be fooled:  her only objective is for France to follow the UK's lead so that the EU will be broken up completely, she can rule her own country, and we can all start fighting each other again. Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more? Only the British can stop it on 23 June.
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