24th January 2016

What's yours?  Him indoors says 'a double whisky'. Understandable, but no. What I mean is: what's your plan B?  The question's aimed at other British expats currently living in France. All hinges on David Cameron's risky ploy at the Feb. 18th EU council meeting to convince the other EU countries to agree to the UK being treated differently to everyone else. If yes, then the looming referendum is likely to be held on June 23rd; if no, probably in September. Cameron doesn't want to choose 2017 because that clashes with the French and German general elections, in France pitting Alan Juppe against Sarkozy in the Republicain race!  For some of us, Plan B will entail taking out French citizenship. Others plan to go back to the UK, with all that entails. Trouble is, many of the latter find they've fallen off the UK housing ladder and must consider a flat. But, but, you say, what about the mechant, naughty Bruno? Yes indeed. Although 13 this year, he's the fittest of all of us, and certainly couldn't go to a flat, but if we took him to a kennel (which we won't) that would cause a major rift in the family. So, for us, it'd need plan Z.  What's that?  Him indoors was right all along. Time to hit the bottle.

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