17th January 2016

Yesterday we received election papers.Why on earth did the UK government agree to hold an EU referendum?  It will cause absolute disaster to the good British people if a majority vote Out. Too many are looking at comparatively trivial issues and ignoring future worldwide perils. Should unimaginable terrorism or further climate calamity strike, the UK would be out on a limb with no signed-up friends or allies. And, in the event of an Out vote, Scotland would surely soon call another union referendum in order to further split the UK. Remember: for over 70 years the signed-up members of Europe have not fought each other in war and have supported each other. And, even Iran are apparently new allies - but only because of pressure from a consortium of nations. For God's sake: having friends and allies is the only important issue. So, vote to stay In.  Today it's Him indoors' birthday. I couldn't understand when he said he'd been invited to Swan Lake. Yes, he said, it'll be because of all the flooding.  No, no, it's not a ballet paper you've received, it's a ballot!  Pity.

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