1 February 2015

My father once said they'll never cure cancer.  Since then, with six of my family succumbing to the dreaded disease, there've been many so-called 'breakthroughs' in the press.  But still the big C marches on relentless.  Or so it seems.  A certain Dr. Nicole Wagner of the Ircan Cancer Institute in Nice now thinks otherwise.  For years she's been working on a rogue gene called WT1 which stealthily and murderously forces the body's vessels to suppress the immune system.  Now her vaccine, by suppressing this gene, can cure all cancers, even those without a tumour like leukaemia, by helping the body fight WT1 from within.  Vaccine trials in Japan, which build on her initial findings, have already been hugely successful even on those with advanced cancer.  Amazing.  So, why the lack of global coverage?  This is something that should be shouted from the rooftops everywhere.  Is it because it's good news and the media are only interested in reporting the salacious, criminal or gory?  Well, I for one salute Dr. Wagner and her French team. Merveilleuse.

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