5th May 2013

I'm worried about UKIP. It's a political party that's insidiously creeping up the voting lines. A lot of people voted for them in this week's local elections in England. For me, they're like the BNP in sheep's clothing - racism under another name.  Friends say 'why worry? We live in France now'.  But, already - buoyed by their success - the UKIP leader has asked David Cameron to hold that promised In:Out referendum on the EU 'before the next general election in 2015'.  And I seriously think the result would be 'Out'.
In France, one year after his election, Francois Hollande continues to plummet in the ratings.  The doughboy has received a pin-prick and is slowly deflating as we speak.  Despite his success in Mali and the recent Airbus deals, no-one likes him. Yesterday's French press reported that rich people and expats(!) are leaving France in droves. High rates of tax, rising unemployment, diving economic results....  For English expats in France, it's all very disheartening. Even if we wanted (or were pushed in the future!) to go back to England, many of us have fallen off the 'housing ladder price lists' so would struggle. But, Him indoors isn't worried.  Margaret Thatcher might have said 'You kip if you want to, but we're not for turning...'  

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