26th May 2013

Seems I'm a little bit famous. Well, this week anyway. Not only did I appear in the local Gaillac mag but now in the much more glossy 'French Property News', the biggest and best UK guide. It started with a call from Vicky Leigh, the Asst. Editor.  She wanted to do a piece comparing expat bloggers in different parts of France, trawled the web, and found me!
When you think of blogging, you picture someone young, not someone my age. Certainly, the original French founder of the concept, Louis Pouzin, would be amazed. He's rightly receiving the Queen's award for Engineering in June, but who is he?  He's unknown because in the '70s M. Puzin saw that the French government wanted to develop a computer network and suggested his own innovative design - but, typically, they turned him down, calling it 'absurd'! They preferred the now defunct Minitel system. Scroll forward - and the Americans won hands down.  But, at last he's getting the recognition he deserves.
And me?  You can read more on page 42 of the June edition of French Property News - yes, a whole page. Back in the '80s the computer age opened up a whole new world for me, something unimaginable.  Merci beaucoup M. Pouzin.

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