5th April 2009

Regular followers of this blog will know that I'm constantly seeking marketing opportunities for my writing. It's the same old problem. In this difficult economic climate, traditional literary agents and publishers seek only celebrity authors to make a quick buck - rather than search out new quality writing as they used to do.
So, I needed to find a 'third way' as Tony Blair would say. Imagine my surprise, then, to be contacted by a national UK newspaper journalist! Yes, a seasoned hack by the name of Charles Rae rang me last week to interview me over the phone. His basic interest was my own experiences in being an expat: how the current financial climate was biting in France, how we were dealing with it and whether (as so many others have already done) we were planning to return to the UK.
Of course, knowing me as you do, I didn't want to miss an opportunity - and, besides, it was relevant to the article - so I told Mr. Rae that, no, we weren't planning to return to the UK, and that we were currently riding the global economic storm by capitalising on my writing.
The newspaper? It's The Sun. I told Mr. Rae to please go ahead with the article, but not to picture me on page 3!!
So that you can all go out and purchase a copy on the right day, I was told that it would be published around 15th April, with a picture of us outside our French home. Hope Charles doesn't let me down now I've told you all.

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