3rd July 2016

A week of Shakespearean tragedy. Cameron stabbed Britain in the back by calling a referendum for internal party reasons, Boris stabbed Cameron in the back by voting Leave, and a man called Gove stabbed Boris to further his own PM ambitions.  The result? Pretty much 50:50 in the end. Hardly a clarion call by the people. All I've met who voted Leave are now regretting their decision! Such chaos. The very reason people don't like the EU is because they're unelected by the public. An oxymoron democracy! Yet, come October, Britain will have a new PM and guess what? That person will be unelected by the public! If only everyone had read Sarkozy's views on how to stop non-EU immigration:  restrict Schengen free movement to EU nationals only. Come back Nicolas, we need you! Widening the scope globally, the only interesting thing is the emergence of so many women leaders. Joining Merkel we could soon have Theresa May (UK), Hillary Clinton (US), and frighteningly Marine Le Pen (France).  The witches of Cawdor stirring a political broth, or at last women coming to the rescue of a stupid world? I'm out of here. Brexit? No simply the views of an ex-Brit!

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