19th June 2016

Father's Day but Him indoors is not relaxed...
It's that dratted D-Day on Thursday when the referendum is set to storm the Normandy beaches and maybe force us back to the white cliffs of Dover. As Lord Sugar says, 'this ain't no General Election, where you can later say o.k. we got it wrong, so let's vote 'em out next time'. Out of the EU is out forever apparently.  I've already signed the petition to cancel the referendum completely that's trawling cyberspace. Have you signed yet? Here's the link: www.petition.parliament.uk. Worth a try anyway, if it'll stop this dangerous madness affecting Britain. But, if it goes ahead as seems likely we'll all have to wait 'til the early hours of Friday morning before knowing the result that will affect all our futures (and the rest of the world via the knock-on effect. Chaos theory at its worst!) Not even any exit polls on TV Thursday night either. 
..and you wonder why Him indoors is so uptight, despite it being His day. He's already ordered in the Valium and of course extra whisky! 

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Here's the direct link to the petition: