21 February 2016

So, it's confirmed. The referendum for a potential Brexit is 23rd June. No worries there then! As Cameron was ducking and diving around today's Germany, my new blockbuster Lamplight reminds us of another C, Churchill, defending the realm against the same country some 70 years ago!  What's history all about if we don't learn from the calamities of the past - so they never happen again? In Lamplight and its successor Vichyssoise, I've attempted to show all the stupidities of the lead-up to WW2, both in Britain, Germany and the horrors of Vichy France.  Do come to my online Facebook Launch Party this Thursday. It's free entertainment all day, including historic pictures of old Birmingham, film clips and wonderful music of the era - from ragtime to swing to jazz. Quizzes and prizes too.  Simply click on the Lamplight picture on the right on Thursday and it'll take you to the event page. Enjoy it all on the day and type Hi to let me know you're there.  See you Thursday! a bientot.

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