1 November 2015

These days we all have to be so multi-tasked. When we first came to France 10 years ago I just wanted to concentrate on creative writing. Naively I thought I'd self-publish and wait for my books to sell.  Wrong. The best writing in the world won't sell if no-one knows about it! So, when I finally achieved a book contract with Crooked Cat Publishing, I thought 'great' - now someone will do all the publicising for me, something I hadn't a clue how to do. Fast forward and I've learned that nothing is that simple. Nowadays all authors must be involved on social media.  So it was with trepidation that I approached my recent Facebook Book launch day. Because part of 3rd Degree Murder was set in my favourite decade, the '60s, I thought it would be fun to follow my character Jenny through the university story by conflating my past life with hers via old photos and fab music videos like Chuck Berry singing C'est la vie say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.  But, my biggest fear: would anyone actually come to the event? Would my home wifi break down on the day?  Conclusion:  the wifi worked, many people came to the event and entered my university challenge quiz, and I actually managed to do what I never thought I could:  deal with downloads on social media!  Success.  Yes, Chuck, it goes to show, you never can tell!

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