11 October 2015

Getting excited...
Less than two weeks to go to the book launch party of the decade.  Yes, 3rd Degree Murder will be released onto an unsuspecting world on the 23rd.  There'll be valuable prizes, University Challenge quizzes, music videos (especially from my favourite decade: the '60s), and surprise photos. But, what's the book all about and what's it got to do with a university?  Well, it's a play on words.  There's clearly an unintentional murder, but the hazards of gaining a PhD (3rd, science) degree are also prominent. Those familiar with my writing will know there are always underlying themes. There's an intriguing culture clash between Maliha, a Muslim student and a Jewish secretary. How do they get on, especially working for the same hated professor? Mirroring recent, real, media reports, Maliha suffers a horrifying rape at university. How will she cope? And the Jewish secretary suffers constant anti-semitic comments from her professor.  So, in the end, who actually killed Professor Axel Sloan? Only one way to find out.  If you haven't already, go to my FB page and 'join' or ask to be my 'friend' and I'll send you a party invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/909706395761162/
....next week don't miss the first world exclusive of an extract from 3rd Degree Murder, available for pre-order from Amazon very soon and definitely on the 23rd.

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