5 July 2015

It's always the ordinary man who suffers.  Today almost ten million Greeks are urged to vote for 'catastrophe' or 'even more catastrophe'.  At the same time, thousands of Africans are either massing at Calais's Sangatte camp or risking their lives in leaky boats across the Mediterranean into the foot of Italy.  And what does the world do?  Sits and watches.  In Britain the Education Minister sends in 'super Heads' to take control in failing schools. In EU countries on the point of collapse, like Greece currently, the EU should send in a 'super Economist' to turn things around. In repressive and poor African countries where thousands are fleeing, instead of allowing continents like Europe to be overloaded with immigrants, the UN should send in 'super teams' whose mission is to help failing countries by providing economic and democratic solutions in situ. Is anyone brave enough to do these things?  Him indoors says the world should be determined, calmly efficient and dignified, whatever the outcome, like the Frenchman who lost at Wimbledon yesterday and not make 'a Tsonganddance about it!'

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