3 May 2015

A new birth. No, not mine - too late for that - but for Britain. They say the new Princess will be a boost for David Cameron. What is it about William and Kate that everything they do and say is so very perfect?  They even manage to produce babies in the 'correct' order, at the right time and they all look so handsome.  Unlike them, officialdom is sometimes shown to make a complete ass of itself. With the British general election coming up on Thursday, I'm pleased to see that James Jackson, a retired, British civil servant from Carcassonne has paid a £500 deposit to stand against London mayor, Boris Johnson. Mr. Jackson knows, of course, that he can't win. The point he'll show brilliantly is that whilst, like him, expats are banned from voting after 15 years of living outside the UK, he is allowed to stand as a parliamentary candidate! How stupid is that?  So, good luck on Thursday James.  But for the rest of us in the EU:  if Thursday's vote gives us a referendum, let's hope there's a subsequent massive IN vote.  Now that would be a wonderful EU re-birth.

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