28 November 2014

Next week is December already. Lots of expats will be booking their cheap flights back home for the Xmas season, but what will they find?  The cheapo airlines are certainly a boon for those of us non-celebs for whom a strict budget is a necessity, but at what cost to our sanity? For tall people in economy it's a claustrophobic nightmare, added to by allowing reclining seats and drop-down flaps - not a pretty or comfortable experience, especially for tall ladies like me of certain larger chest sizes! Here's a message to all eco-airlines: Give us back more leg room and allow those of us who hate flying, or have a lifelong travel sickness/middle ear balance problem, space to relax and sleep without stress. Is that too much to ask?  If this means inevitable higher costs, then do away with old-fashioned 'luxury' ideas like free ice-creams or hot towels, take away all hot meals and microwaves on board, take away duty-free trolleys etc.  Those horrible trolleys that are constantly blocking the aisles and knocking the shoulders of those in aisle seats are surely a health and safety risk. They also hamper passengers' movement possibilities adding to blood-clot and other health risks on board.  Has no-one done a risk assessment? Makes my blood boil.

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