21 September 2014

What a week of political turmoil! Thursday night the Queen went to bed not knowing whether she'd have a PM when she woke up. Was she singing:'They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace; Cameron down with Scottish malice?' But Friday morning, sense prevailed. Whew. And in France, with the President's ratings so low they're off the scale, he's tried to raise his own standard by punching above his weight abroad - allying with the US in bombing ISIL.  He must have thought 'that'll do it. Now I'm a global superstar, the French are sure to love me again.'  But no. Along comes Sarko to spoil his plans yet again by arriving - some would say in the nick of time - to spoil Hollande's plans by throwing his hat in the political ring again.  You can hear the cheers from French business everywhere and, it must be said, to beleaguered home-owners throughout the land.  Sarko may have his annoying bling, but at least he has charisma and that indefinable je ne sais quoi which might just lift French confidence and the economy again.  Let's hope so. One week's a long time in politics.

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