11 May 2014

Francois Mitterand once said 'nationalism equals war'. I wonder if he mentioned that to HM the Queen when, 20 years ago this week, he shook her hand at Calais-Frethun station as she said 'I declare this Tunnel open'.  The Channel Tunnel was an excellent way to stop being an insular nation and to forge links with other nations.
For me the tunnel was the only way I was ever going to come to France - my chronic travel sickness means sea journeys are impossible.  But a Norfolk farmer with a similar affliction has now developed special sunglasses. He noticed that when he covered up one eye on a journey, he didn't feel ill. His sunglasses have one eyepiece that is opaque: it lets in light but not movement. And, they can be worn the other way round. They work by stopping the conflicting signals that confuse the brain, cutting vision from 3D to 2D. So, now there's a solution in sight.  Maybe at the forthcoming EU elections voters, like the Norfolk farmer and M. Mitterand, will cease to have tunnel vision....

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