5th January 2014

I see that Nicolas Anelka's left out of the West Brom (football) game, I said to Him indoors yesterday.  Don't know about left out, said he: should have been 'right out'!
As many will know, the French striker is now infamous for making that quenelle (meat ball) goal celebration recently - a reverse Nazi salute. He seems to have convinced his manager and the world at large that the appalling gesture was simply to honour his friend, the French comic ironically called Dieudonn√©. God-given? What a misnomer. The so-called comedian is well-known for his racist, particularly anti-Semitic, 'jokes'.  Let's be clear here for a moment. We all have responsibility for what we do and say. Democracy gives the right to free speech, but - and here's the rub - free speech means we can criticise or run-down what people do and say (their actions) but NOT who they intrinsically are, how they are born.  Racism is about who people inherently are, so must be condemned. That's my suggestion for a global resolution this year.
Talking about resolutions, I asked Him indoors 'what's yours?'  A whisky, please!

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