14th April 2013

So, we mourn the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Even as we speak, thousands are chanting '...the witch is dead' or worse.  But, what did she do that was so terrible? I'm old enough to remember the state the UK, the world and the cold war were in back in the '70s. What would have happened if someone meek had been PM back then?  Could anyone but the 'Iron Lady' have 'done business' with the Soviet leader? Good leaders need to be strong. Would the UK now have been so relatively prosperous - which undoubtedly filters down to everyone - or would we still be stuck in the mire?  Of course, the  world has changed beyond measure since Margaret Thatcher was at the helm. Our worlds are no longer enclosed within isolated places, bound by historical and largely-now-redundant mindsets.  We personally were able to move to a free and peaceful new Europe. TG European countries are no longer fighting each other for the self-glory of whomever happens to be their leader at the time. Interaction via new technology on the global stage is now the golden key. But, so is democracy.  Remember, Margaret Thatcher was elected by the whole country and never defeated at the ballot box. It's chutzpah for militant people to assume they can subvert the democratic rule of law. Lack of respect for the dead is an ignorance borne from the past. If you don't like what's happening in your country, wait for the next election - wherever you reside.

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