28th August 2011

It's been a mad week of dogs, chickens and building works. No, we're not moving again. You may remember that Bruno had scaled a high fence and attacked our neighbour's chicken.  I've read that French hunters expect to lose many of their gundogs, simply because they're known for running off, following their noses (the dogs, that is). So, nothing for it - we'd have to build a pen (not for the chicken, which would've been a lot easier).  Fortunately we've two amazing English friends who arrived, complete with their own logo 'FencersRus'. On the hottest day of the year, we set about measuring out a large area (Bruno's a chasseur, so needs to run), shopped for the required fence posts and tons of green wire. The men did the hammering and the girls did the fiddly bits. At last it's finished. And everyone's been giving me advice: give the dog treats in there, play with him, make him see it as a nice place to be. So we did.
Here's a picture.  But, yesterday, I caught a sly glimpse of our French neighbour, no doubt wondering what these crazy English 'rosbifs' were up to now. Sacre bleu, he thinks, looking at his own dog-hovel - it's better than Central Park.

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