24 July 2011

It was our wedding anniversary, so spent the day in Toulouse. Balma/Gramont metro only has one line and is the terminus, so what could go wrong?  The car park barrier, surprisingly, was open.  We love the metro:  easy maps on the walls and a voice which announces in advance each stop. Must have known we were there. 
The day started to go awry at lunchtime. Thought smoking had been banned in restaurants, but apparently not under canopies.  What is it with smokers? They think it's perfectly acceptable to light up after their meal and, infuriatingly, rest an elbow on the table and bend their arm away from their face, so a continuous stream of smoke blows into yours!  Ruined our whole meal. Next, the heel came off my shoe, and the local shops only stocked women's shoes up to size 41 (I take 42, size 7 in UK). Nothing for it then but to kick both shoes off and walk in bare feet. Luckily it wasn't raining. However, couldn't find the car park. Balma/Gramont has a multitude and it took an age to find it. Didn't help that Him indoors had drunk too much whisky during the day, so was completely out of it by then. And then....all exits from the car park said 'Exit with ticket only' and we didn't have one! 
A good anniversary?  Him indoors, recalling 44 years ago to the day, muttered 'seemed like a good idea at the time'.

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