6th February 2011

New digital driving licences are arriving in France. At first glance, I didn't worry too much. As you know I'm of the 'constructive negativism' ilk. Always have a back-up plan should the worst happen. So, I kept my old English licence, whilst Him indoors obtained a French paper licence (admittedly at the suggestion of the gendarmerie, but that's another story). A good plan because, whilst UK ones need replacing at 70, there wasn't any age limit on the French ones. And clearly (although not so clear these days!), with the onset of age comes fading eyesight so neither of us wanted to be faced with future medical tests. Even less, the horrible thought of having to take another driving test in French. Can you imagine?
But now, what have they done? Just when I thought it was safe to go out, Sarkozy has introduced a brand-new plan. As from 2013 new digital licences will be introduced, to combat fraud they say. They will include a digital photo of the driver, to be updated every 15 years, and drivers will be able to check the number of points more easily (don't tell Him indoors in either case!). But, there's also some insidious small print: you need to take a medical test.

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