17th October 2010

Why do others make life so difficult for ordinary people? First, the anti-terrorist brigade - otherwise known as English customs -confiscate simple things in our luggage like the memorial candles for my late brother. I told them I'd just returned from the funeral, but 'he was only doing his job'. Yes, I know, it's the terrorists of this world I should be complaining about, but it's still hard. Some things in your luggage are simply too private and personal to be bandied about for the whole world to see.
Then, what happens when we're finally back in la belle France? Rioters on the streets, waving placards, throwing tear gas. Oil refineries shut down, so there's a real threat of running out of petrol - a worry for those of us living in rural areas where the car is an absolute necessity. Forgive me for thinking we're back in 1789. And what grave concern are all these Frenchmen protesting about? The perfectly reasonable and mild suggestion from Sarkozy of moving the retirement age from 60 to 62.
What's up with everyone? Life is difficult enough and ordinary people like us just want to be left alone to get on with our lives. Is that too much to ask?

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Pipérade said...

Completely agree.. They have the longest (in the EU certainly) life expectancy, some of the best Terms & Conditions in the world, some (SNCF) can even retire at 50 and still they complain if the Govt wishes to raise the present retirement age from 60 to 62..
The phrase Get Real springs to mind..
Lovely people the French but when someone wants to take away a benefit, then stand well clear. Cue burning cars, smashed up shops, blockades and all the rest of it..
HM Customs - now that's another story!