30th May 2010

What have Jamie Oliver and a walk in the French backwoods got in common? It all started last Tuesday. Our visiting Canadian friends wanted to go for a gentle walk somewhere flat. We located the perfect spot in a tiny village called Bach (pronounced Bash in France). The walk was excellent and even had marked trees as signposts for those of limited walking experience. But of course we cut it short. 1k one way and 1k back was all we could manage - but it was good. And, we were able to let Bruno and Tina off the lead because there were no cattle, railway lines anywhere. Excellent.
Then we looked for a place to eat in Bach...well it is the land of bien manger. By some lucky chance we hit upon the wonderful Auberge Lou Bourdie run by la charmante Monique Valette. The food was advertised as 'cuisine traditionnelle'. It was superb. Great bowls of cresson soup served in giant 'gesunders' (goes under the bed!) and giant earthenware pots of 'tian courgette' - a sort of veggie kugel, platters of rare beef and duck for the meat-eaters, plus home-made roast potatoes. Servez-vous. With wonderful desserts, good wine and coffee, the total cost for 4 was 77 euros. Excellent value. And Jamie Oliver? We missed him by 2 days. He had been cooking there just 2 days previously, complete with camera crew. Mme Valette showed us the pictures to prove it!
Ah, this is the life.


SueC said...

Its now on our list of places to go!

fulkast said...

@Olga Swan: Hey! I am a student/backpacker and apart from that I am also a huge fan of Jamie Oliver. So during my trip to Europe later this year I would love to visit this place that Mr. Oliver recommended. Though I was wondering if you could shed some light on the accessibility of this place, Bach. Say if I lived in Toulouse or even closer, Cahor. Is there some form of public transportation that I can use to get to Bach and back on the same day? If not, are there hostels or BnB's in Bach? Seen as it is quite a small place.