8 May 2009

Do you have young relatives? My brand new novel 'Rose' - hot off the presses - is now available, just for them. It's published by the Arts-Council-funded YouWriteOn site, but available from all leading bookstores plus major websites such as Amazon. Here's a quick summary to whet their appetite:

This magical novel will enthral all young adults from 9 – 15.
Mystery surrounds Rainbow Lane. It is a mystery that involves a strange old lady, a professor as ancient as time itself, and the number seven.
Rose - representing the red, outer, band of the rainbow - is first to learn her special task as she is propelled at lightening speed towards the Ancient Temple of Petra in Jordan, where she meets a young Jordanian boy who falls in love with her.
By the end of this series of seven novels can each of the rainbow girls do the impossible and finally fulfil the Professor’s long-held dream?

To buy on-line, simply click on the green link on the right. Alternatively, you can order it from any walk-in high street bookstore by quoting my author name of Gillian Green and the ASIN No.: 1849238847.
That's all there is to it.
Hope they enjoy it!

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